I ordered one or more of the t-shirts advertised as "in stock" during the pre-order.

First of all thank you! 🧡

We will process and ship your order within the time frame announced on the product page. We will regularly update this information on our website, please feel free to check it if you are in doubt.

The announced date is the departure from our warehouse, it will be necessary to add the usual times of the selected courriers.

I have changed my mind, I wish to modify or cancel my pre-order.

You can of course cancel or modify your information at any time.

Just send us a short message.

However, if your order is already taken care of by the carrier, it will not be possible to regroup several orders placed separately or to add other items later.

"Tonight, I have completely fallen in love with Tajinebanane, I love all the models. I want to put all my eggs in one basket, so I'm ordering one or more of the tee shirts announced in stock and others on pre-order."

First of all... THANK YOU!

You will have to be patient...

We always send the entire order upon receipt of the last item in the order.

To find your delivery time, you will have to find it on your order summary by referring to the last model in question. If you would like to receive some items before your "pre-ordered" items then please place a second order.

La Tajinebanane Fam'🍌

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