As you know, our aim is to make clothes that allow you to breastfeed everywhere, all the time. This includes technical details such as zips or snaps buttons to facilitate access to your breast but also aesthetic design details such as buttonholes or cords.

We would like to remind you here that all these finishes (cords, zips, snaps ...) are reserved for you and are in no way chewable toys for your baby.

Your Tajinebanane items will often be worn more often than other items in your wardrobe (Open Bar, all day long!). Therefore, it is even more important to follow the washing instructions to maintain the quality of the products, as long as possible.

You should know that the safety and durability of our products is one of our main concerns, which is why all of our product accessories comply with REACH regulations.

All of our products have been tested by an independent expert laboratory Intertek, recognized worldwide and in accordance with standardized regulations: ASTM D4846, ISO 12945-1 and EN16732

Tests carried out and approved:
- Zips are resistant to more than 1000 closures and openings: result very satisfactory
- Pressure pull over 30 Newton: result very satisfactory
- Garment wear test: result 4.5/5

We advise you to inspect your garment and its finishes on a regular basis - if, despite all the care taken in manufacturing, you notice that the ends of the cords, snap buttons, zips start to become brittle and our products no longer fully meet your requirements, write to us.

We will be delighted to help where we can,

La Tajinebanane Fam 🍌

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