Mamma x My Travel Dreams

So many of you went crazy for our new "Mamma" top, in collaboration with My Travel Dreams. But we know that many of you were unable to get your hands on this model which is already re-selling at a high price.

Please know that we aim to always offer collections on stock, because we know that breastfeeding is lived in the moment and that it is sometimes difficult to plan for weeks and weeks ahead.

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen that we proposed a vote to know whether or not we should open pre-orders on this particular model.

You answered overwhelmingly YES: so we will be launching the production of all your pre-orders, very soon!

What does this mean?

We can finally say with certainty, that every person who would like the Mamma top will be able to have it!

And it will also give us an idea of what the real "EVERYONE" of Tajinebanane is!

We are well aware that 16 weeks of production may seem long, but unfortunately this is the reality of a real "pre-order".

It is a very technical piece that requires long hours of hand production.

This is why we have specially written this FAQ article, we will feed it with the maximum amount of information in our possession as the weeks of production go by. We invite you to consult it regularly if you have any questions.

To anticipate some of the questions you may have:

Did you place an order? First of all: THANK YOU! 🖤

- If you did not receive it within 7 days, it means that you have managed to place a pre-order but that your item will be shipped at the end of June.

- The shipment is scheduled for the end of June, which means a maximum delivery to your home mid-July. We will keep you informed of the progress of the production during May (don't forget to check this article from time to time) to confirm a final delivery date. Before this date, it will still be possible to write to us if you wish to change the delivery address.

- It will not be possible to change the size of your pre-order as we will only produce the items ordered.

- Orders with the pre-order Mamma and other items in stock will not be shipped separately.

We would like to thank you again for all your support, and hope that we were able to satisfy your request and help some frustration of missing the Mamma the first time around!

Please take care of yourself! ♥️

La Tajinebanane Fam'

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